Detroit Free Press: M.B.A. student authors book on ancestors’ genocide

Mike Ilitch School of Business M.B.A. student Ariana Kabodian learned a lot about the Holocaust while growing up but not much about her own ancestors’ genocide. In commemoration of the 106th anniversary of the Armenian genocide and in honor of her family’s history, the 28-year-old Armenian author interviewed her relatives and wrote a book called Forget Me Not: Armenian Genocide Recollections.

The book was published this month by Chapbook Press Schuler Books. Printed on the cover is the official symbol of the Armenian genocide — the forget-me-not flower.

“I knew that the Holocaust was very well known in our community as well as nationally and internationally but, unfortunately, the Armenian genocide did not have the same ‘well-known factor,’” Kabodian said.

Kabodian’s mother is first-generation Armenian American, while her father is second generation. She was born in Royal Oak and raised in Novi.

Forget Me Not: Armenian Genocide Recollections is available on Amazon or directly through Schuler Books.

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