Detroit Free Press: Marick Masters on the perception of corruption in labor

Marick F. Masters, director of Labor@Wayne at Wayne State University, and professor of business and adjunct professor of political science, opined about the perception of corruption regarding labor. Masters wrote: “Corruption in labor unions is a matter of longstanding public concern. Federal law imposes fiduciary responsibility on union officers and key administrative personnel. Union leaders and members, along with independent auditors and watchdogs, should maintain constant vigilance over the financial operations of a union’s principal and subsidiary institutions.” Masters offered the following steps that he urges labor to take in fighting corruption: An independent audit of all union-related financial activities; train officers and top administrative staff in proper financial practices and reporting requirements; educate officers and employees on their legal and ethical obligations to the institution, rank-and-file, and public; and, establish independent financial review boards to ensure all union financial activities are properly reported and audited.

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