Detroit Free Press: Marick Masters on integrity of UAW President Ray Curry

UAW President Ray Curry has been cleared of wrongdoing after a months-long inquiry into his use of football tickets to attend the College Football Playoff National Championship game obtained as part of an advertising buy before he became president in 2021. Use of the tickets, a perk commonly included for media clients who purchase advertising packages, had been determined not to constitute a violation of UAW policies. Still, Curry reimbursed the union $1,900 in May 2021 – the face value of all four tickets to the game between the University of Alabama and Clemson University – after questions surfaced during a federal review of union practices at the conclusion of a long-term corruption investigation. Curry also issued an apology. Marick Masters, a professor at the Mike Ilitch School of Business at Wayne State University said the UAW is positioned well moving ahead. “The exoneration of UAW President Curry, after two independent investigations…shows the UAW operating at its highest ethical standard. There is no reason to doubt that this was a legitimate trip to Florida taken by Curry on UAW business and that the tickets were incidental,” Masters said. “In an abundance of caution to further transparency and remove any question of impropriety, Mr. Curry repaid the money and issued a public apology. This sends an important message of integrity to all the members, officers, and staff of the UAW.”

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