Detroit Free Press: Ilitch Business faculty member completes goal of running every street in hometown

Mike Silvio, a two-time Ilitch School graduate and part-time faculty member in the global supply chain management program, has completed a goal he began working towards back in 2013. Silvio has run every single street in his hometown of Livonia, which spans over 35 square miles. Accomplishing this feat involved more than 2,000 miles of running in Livonia. Upon completing the final run of his goal, Silvio was greeted at City Hall by his family and Mayor Dennis Wright. "I feel like I know the city about as well as anyone now except for the police and firemen and people that take care of our city on a daily basis," Silvio said. "If you live in Livonia, I've run by your house." Running long distances is not strange to Silvio. He is a member of the Seven Continent Club, which means he has run marathons in all seven continents. He's also logged more than 10,000 miles in the last decade.

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