Dearborn Press & Guide: Ilitch School M.B.A. grad named to Arab America Foundation's 40 Under 40


With more than 100 people being nominated for the Arab America Foundation’s annual 40 Under 40 initiative, the field was packed for 2021. The program spotlights Arab American professionals in all fields and business sectors, including education, law, public service/politics, non-profit, business leaders, entrepreneurs, engineers, medical professionals, artists, entertainers, writers, and media representatives. All awardees are under the age of 40, excel in their professions, and are engaged in promoting their heritage and culture to empower their communities and make a difference. Adeeb Mozip is a Yemeni American who has served as the director of business affairs at Wayne State University Law School since February 2017. He has served in a number of capacities at Wayne State University including manager for financial affairs in the office of the dean of the WSU Library System. Prior to that, he was a budget analyst with the WSU Library System and an accountant with WSU’s Sponsored Program Administration. He is a member of the WSU Higher Learning Commission accreditation team. Mozip earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration with a major in accounting from the University of Michigan – Dearborn and his master of business administration degree from the WSU Mike Ilitch School of Business. He recently completed his doctorate degree in education leadership and policy studies from the WSU College of Education.

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