Data continues to grow as a career path

Information is everywhere. So, it follows that the collection and study of data and information has become one of the biggest growth areas in almost every part of the business world. “The amount of data being collected is mind-boggling,” said Toni Somers, management and information systems department chair at Wayne State University School of Business. “This isn’t just a phase; it’s kind of a revolution. There are plumb, big-data jobs out there going unfilled today.” The university isn’t new to the data mining bandwagon. Somers said that a second annual symposium in March presented two days’ worth of tutorials on the latest data management systems. For several years WSU has offered a variety of analytics courses, and a master’s program is being considered with a dual emphasis on data analytics and business. The need, Somers said, will only increase as more and more information is collected across all fields and enterprises.

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