Crain’s Detroit Business: Ilitch School’s Arik Ragowsky comments on partnerships to improve healthcare for veterans

Arik Ragowsky, associate professor of information systems management at WSU’s Mike Ilitch School of Business, has partnered with Detroit VA orthopedic surgeon Khaled Saleh and many others as part of the Surgical Institute of Excellence for Health Services (SIEHSR).

SIEHSR is a joint venture between Saleh and the VA intended to improve surgical and health outcomes in veterans treated nationwide over the last three decades years.

Specifically, Ragowsky and David Gefen, research professor and director of the doctorate in business administration program at Drexel University, are studying how medical treatment types and health care policies such as the Affordable Care Act of 2010 can help to postpone or reduce the potency of the progression from post-traumatic stress disorder to depression to narcotics to self-harm, including suicide, among veterans.

“This is a topic of much interest considering both the opioid epidemic and the prevalence of PTSD among veterans,” Ragowsky said.

Using IT systems and patient records, Ragowsky said, cases can be tracked to see how patients were readmitted and what was common with the cases that were readmitted. He said the data will help to show what treatment showed successful outcomes.

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