CARMA Welcomes 2013 with Two Live Webcasts

The Center for the Advancement of Research Methods and Analysis (CARMA) hosted two webcasts with three distinguished presenters as part of its Consortium Webcast Program.

The January 25 webcast featured lectures by Professor Jose Cortina of George Mason University and Professor Bob Vandenberg of University of Georgia.

Cortina’s presentation, “Moderated Mediation”, focused on how research models have become more complex in organizational studies because of the increased involvement of transmitting mechanisms and boundary conditions.

Vandenberg presented "More Urban Legends” which focused on myths and legends related to common method variance, cut-off criteria for goodness of fit measures and reliability, mediation, moderation, exploratory factor analysis, control variables, formative measures and meta-analysis.

Before the lecture, CARMA held the "Meet the Methodologist" interview program with the presenters, which was broadcast live on Ustream via its Facebook page. More than 320 faculty and students from 43 of CARMA’s Consortium Webcast Program member organizations viewed the webcast. Thirty of Wayne State's faculty and graduate students attended both the webcast and "Meet the Methodologist."

On February 22, CARMA hosted Professor Mo Wang of the University of Florida. His presentation “Growth Mixture Modeling” focused on how to investigate sub-populations within the context of structural equation models. A total of 220 faculty and students from 37 of CARMA Consortium Webcast Program member universities viewed the webcast online, and 30 of Wayne State’s faculty and students attended both the webcast and the “Meet the Methodologist” interviews which were broadcast live on Facebook.

CARMA will present its two final live webcast lectures on April 19.

Additionally, CARMA has open registrations for its Short Courses in Detroit, Michigan at Wayne State University, May 13-18, and in Melbourne, Australia at the University of Melbourne, April 3-5.

Learn more about CARMA at its Twitter profile, and YouTube channel.

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