Students from Detroit's Business School spend some quality time in Brazil

Students in the Mike Ilitch School of Business recently traveled to Brazil for international insight into sustainable supply chain management.

The 12-day study abroad trip, led by Assistant Professor Hugo DeCampos over Wayne State’s spring break, was designed to help students further their understanding of global diversity in sustainable supply chain management through an examination of the Brazilian automotive industry.  Students also explored Brazil’s history, culture and language. “To prepare for the trip, students read two complete books — one on history and politics of Brazil and the other on sustainability — and were tested on them,” DeCampos said. “I also taught the students 100 words and phrases in Portuguese. They had a language exam the week before we left for the trip.

“This preparation made the trip much more meaningful for them.”

In Brazil, students visited six companies and two universities. University visits were included so students could network with some of Brazil’s future business leaders.

“I have no doubt that each of the Wayne State students on this trip can successfully and comfortably conduct their own personal or business trip to Brazil in the future,” DeCampos said.

Lea Hilliker, a student who went on the trip, said it provided an incredible in-depth view of how culture, resources and politics impact business.

“It was eye-opening to see how resourceful the Brazilian people are, especially in the current down economy and political turmoil they are facing,” she said. “There is a palpable drive not only in the business community, but in the culture of the people as a whole to make Brazil the economic powerhouse they know it can be.”

In addition to Brazil, the Ilitch School offers affordable, business-focused study abroad experiences in China, Italy and northern Europe. All trips include both corporate and cultural excursions designed to provide a global perspective on business. 

Pictures from the trip can be found here: 

2016 Study Abroad in Brazil

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