Employment Mediation and Arbitration

Thanks to a generous grant from the National Academy of Arbitrators Educational Foundation, the Mike Ilitch School of Business has produced two educational videos and an accompanying guidebook  on employment mediation and arbitration, two of the most widely used forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in the private sector.

ADR procedures have grown in popularity and usage in recent decades as organizations have sought to resolve disputes in the workplace across various organizational levels outside of the costly realm of litigation.

We have produced two videos to address the topics of employment mediation and arbitration separately. Each video revolves around a common case in which a nurse has been terminated by a hospital and is alleging discrimination on account of race and gender, as well as retaliation for making a charge of discrimination. Our videos show how the case might unfold if it went (1) the mediation route or (2) through arbitration. We attempt to show "best practices" for each process. At the end of each video, we have a question-and-answer period with the neutrals who "managed" the proceedings. The accompanying guidebook provides additional insight into how the procedures are used to resolve disputes in the workplace.


The videos are available for $79 each for non-profit customers or $129 each for for-profit customers. The guidebook is complimentary with any purchase. All materials are delivered digitally.

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Employment Mediation
1 hour 3 minutes
Closed captioning provided
Employment Arbitration
59 minutes
Closed captioning provided

For more information, please contact the Mike Ilitch School of Business at ilitchbusiness@wayne.edu.