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Ph.D. Program Overview

The objective of the Ph.D. program is to prepare students to become faculty members at major research universities.

The program is research-based and focuses on quantitative skills and global perspectives. We encourage our doctoral students to engage in research projects with faculty members early in the program.

Students attend on a full-time basis and concentrate their studies on one of three tracks: finance, management or marketing.

Each applicant applies for and is admitted to a specific program track. Please use the left-side menu to learn more about each track.

Admitted Ph.D. Student Profile
Finance 691
Management 645
Marketing 646


Our finance doctoral program has a 100 percent success rate in placing our students in tenure-track positions. We are also proud to announce that our finance doctoral graduates have papers accepted for publication in top journals, such as The Accounting Review, Financial Management and The Journal of Banking and Finance, within the first year of graduation.


The program is a minimum of 90 credits, with 60 credits of graduate-level coursework and 30 credits of dissertation research.

A Plan of Work, developed with and approved by the Ph.D. advisor, is required for each student. Progress toward completion is reviewed annually.

Coursework takes approximately two years for students who have completed core business courses prior to admission and three years for those who have no graduate business credits.

Written and oral qualifying examinations are required at the end of coursework. A dissertation, based on the student’s original research, is also required.

Financial assistance

Assistantships, fellowships and scholarships are available to Ph.D. students.

Most admitted students receive a three-year assistantship, which pays all tuition and fees, offers health insurance and a modest monthly stipend. Assistantships require students to support faculty members in their research and teaching activities.

By successfully completing the qualifying exams and defending their dissertation proposals, students can receive a fourth year of funding. The fourth year requires teaching two courses per semester while the dissertation is being completed.

Additional information

Our Ph.D. program is a member of DocNet-Consortium of Business Doctoral Programs and the Ph.D. Project.

For more details, download the Ph.D. Program Handbook (pdf, 116k).


Admission to the Ph.D. program is open from Sept. 15 through Feb. 15 each year for students. The number of students admitted each year varies by track. The program is small and selective, so there is no conditional admission. At no time are there more than five students in a given track, not including students working on the final stages of their dissertations. Students must start in the fall semester and be on campus regularly for three to four years.

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