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Management Ph.D. Track

The Wayne State management Ph.D. track prepares students to become faculty members at major research universities.

The management track focuses heavily on organizational behavior and strategy. The track is research-based and emphasizes how organizational and strategic concepts function in the global business environment.

Below are the curriculum and graduation requirements for the management track of the Ph.D. program. If you need more information, please contact the program advisor.

Management Track Class Profile

Our management students began the program with a 645 average GMAT score.

Program Advisor

Dr. Amanuel Tekleab

Management Ph.D. Program Advisor








Curriculum Requirements

The Ph.D. in Business Administration requires a minimum of 90 credit hours beyond the baccalaureate degree. The division of these credits is as follows:

Master's Level Courses (7000 level)

These courses form the business core of the program and provide a cross-section of business operations, ethics and strategy.

All courses are three credits. Details are available by clicking each course link. At least 15 credits are required.

Students can transfer 15 master's level credits to their doctoral plan of work.

BA 7000  Managerial Accounting

BA 7020  Corporate Financial Management

BA 7040  Managing Organizational Behavior

BA 7050  Marketing Strategy

BA 7070  Social Perspectives on the Business Enterprise

Management Courses

The courses below form the doctoral core for the management track. These courses establish the high-level knowledge base required of Ph.D. students.

Each course is three credits unless noted.  Course details are available by clicking each course link. At least 13 credits are required.

BA 8777  Professional Development (1-3 credits)

BA 8220  Seminar in Organizational Behavior

BA 8221  Seminar in Strategic Management

BA 8420  Seminar in Organizational Theory

BA 8900  Development of Effective Research Programs in Business

BA 8995  Special Research Topics in Business

Quantitative Methods

The courses below form the quantitative emphasis of the management track. These courses establish the high-level quantitative base required of Ph.D. students. 

Each course is four credits unless noted.  Course details are available by clicking each course link. At least 11 credits are required.

Management track students enroll in courses offered by the Department of Psychology (organizational  behavior) or the Department of Economics (strategy).

Organizational Behavior Track:

PSY 7150  Quantitative Methods in Psychology I

PSY 7160  Quantitative Methods in Psychology II

PSY 8150  Multivariate Analysis in Psychology (three credits)

Strategic Management Track:

ECO 6100  Introduction to Econometrics

ECO 7100  Econometrics I

ECO 7110  Econometrics II

Minor and Elective Courses

To satisfy the minor requirement, students enroll in at least six credits outside the School of Business Administration that support their Ph.D. track and area of interest.

In addition, a minimum of 15 credits in elective courses are also required.

Dissertation Research and Preparation

The Ph.D. program requires the submission and defense of a dissertation, based on the student’s original research.

During its preparation, the student registers for BA 9991 - BA 9994  Dissertation Research and Direction I – IV (7.5 credits each semester, 30 credits total).

Graduation Requirements

All coursework must be completed in accordance with the regulations of the Graduate School and the business school.

Students enroll on a full-time basis and must complete the program within seven years of admission.

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