Sheri Perelli has research published in leadership journal

Management lecturer Sheri Perelli’s qualitative research has been published in the Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, which seeks to advance the theory, research and practice of all aspects of leaderships and organizations.

The title of the research is “Making Sense When It Matters Most An Exploratory Study of Leadership In Extremis”


Leading in in extremis situations, when lives are in peril, remains one of the least addressed areas of leadership research. Little is known about how leaders make sense in these dangerous situations and communicate these contexts to others. Because most of the literature on in extremis is theoretical, we sought empirical evidence of how sensemaking proceeds in practice. A qualitative study was conducted based on interviews with 30 Army leaders who had recently led teams in combat. Our findings suggest that during these life-threatening situations, sensemaking and sensegiving are actually occurring simultaneously, the type of training leaders receive is critical, and a sense of duty can influence a person’s role as a leader. Our findings have implications for both theory and practice since crisis leadership is now a coveted executive quality for leadership competency.

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