Professor Marick Masters discusses UAW efforts with Fuyao Glass

In the wake of the United Auto Workers’ first public rally in the region, leaders of Fuyao Glass America say they’re confident most workers are hearing their preference to work together directly, without what they call the “interference” of a union. But labor experts caution that the United Auto Workers — which has representatives in Dayton trying to collect workers’ signatures for a hoped-for representation election at Fuyao — does not give up. Marick Masters, director of Labor@Wayne at Wayne State University, said a strong rally attendance would demonstrate strong union support. He doesn’t agree that weak attendance shows the opposite. “I would not be dismayed, shocked or necessarily discouraged,” Masters said. “I think you need to look at these (union) campaigns on a long-term basis. There’s obviously something that the UAW is tapping into.” Winning elections among auto parts makers and with foreign transplants — as a company, Chinese-owned Fuyao is both — is difficult, experts say.

Dayton Daily News

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