Ilitch Business marketing professor and recent doctoral graduate co-authored article accepted for publication

Sujay Dutta, associate professor of marketing, and Ahmet Koksal, a recent Ph.D. graduate from the Mike Ilitch School of Business, had their article titled, "Effectiveness of Monetary Discounts: Comparing Quantity Scarcity and Time Restriction" accepted for publication in the Journal of Consumer Marketing. Subhash Jha is also an author of the paper. 


This research examines whether adding a quantity scarcity message to a monetary discount helps improve consumers’ offer-related perceptions and intentions, and how the effectiveness of that message compares with adding time restriction to the offer. We find that adding either a quantity scarcity message or time restriction to a monetary discount increases the potency of a retail offer. Further, when an offer ad emphasizes product and price-related cues in a balanced manner, time restriction results in more favorable consumer perceptions than scarcity. However, this difference in the messages’ efficacy disappears when the offer strongly emphasizes price-related cues.

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