Ilitch Business marketing professor and recent doctoral graduate co-authored article accepted for publication

Associate Professor Sujay Dutta and Ahmet Koksal, a recent Ph.D. graduate from the Mike Ilitch School of Business, had their article titled, "Effectiveness of Monetary Discounts: Comparing Quantity Scarcity and Time Restriction" accepted for publication in the Journal of Consumer Marketing. The journal is 'B' journal on our school's list. Subhash Jha is also an author of the paper. 


This research examines whether adding a quantity scarcity message to a monetary discount helps improve consumers’ offer-related perceptions and intentions, and how the effectiveness of that message compares with adding time restriction to the offer. We find that adding either a quantity scarcity message or time restriction to a monetary discount increases the potency of a retail offer. Further, when an offer ad emphasizes product and price-related cues in a balanced manner, time restriction results in more favorable consumer perceptions than scarcity. However, this difference in the messages’ efficacy disappears when the offer strongly emphasizes price-related cues.