CARMA national technology competition finalist

Nominated for its Consortium Webcast Program and Short Courses that 152 member-organizations around the world participate in, the Center for the Advancement of Research Methods and Analysis (CARMA), was a finalist for the Global Research Award at the ninth annual Rich Media Impact Awards held at the Mediasite User Conference in Madison, WI on April 29.  The competition was sponsored by Sonic Foundry, a video management platform vendor for academic enterprise and event webcasting.

“Business schools are trying to compete on many different dimensions and technology and internet programs are two of those,” said Larry Williams, director and founder of CARMA. “For us to get recognized brings a positive view to our online efforts. It helps position us in the university system as being a leader in figuring out ways to do creative things with technology and that’s good for the school.”

Though Australasian College of Health Service Management took home the award, Williams appreciated the acknowledgement and noted that this was the first time CARMA was nominated. 

CARMA, an interdisciplinary unit of the School of Business Administration, was created by Williams in 1997 at Virginia Commonwealth University. In 2010, Williams brought the program to WSU when he joined the university.