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TechTown fellowship helps business graduate create entrepreneurial mark in the city
January 18, 2013

Jae Park, an alumnus of the Wayne State University School of Business Administration, was selected as the 2012 TechTown fellow. The fellowship, a partnership created between the school and TechTown through the support of the Ann and Carman Adams Fund of the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan, was highly competitive. Park was the only recipient.

Park graduated from WSU with his MBA in 2010. Soon after, he moved to Georgia to join auto supplier Magna International, Inc. He enjoyed his work with Magna, but felt compelled to respond to a message he received from his alma mater.

“During the spring of 2012, I received an email from the School of Business Administration Career Planning and Placement Office that a consultant position was available to assist a startup company with finance and marketing,” Park said.

He applied and was thrilled to learn that he was selected.

Park returned to Michigan in the fall of 2012 to begin his fellowship assignment with TechTown-based ENT Biotech Solutions.

ENT Biotech Solutions developed an innovative surgical tool that can decrease the amount of time it takes for an ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgeon to perform an adenoid removal. Park said that the company will launch the new device in the second half of 2013, thus the fellowship began just in time for him to have a hand in its launch.

The fellowship allowed him to create business models, write business plans and gain extensive knowledge in the medical device field. He also created Gantt charts for the company, was involved in company retreats and assisted with finding information pertinent to the development of the medical device.

“ENT Biotech Solutions, LLC takes its responsibility seriously to develop the skill set of Jae Park,” said Andrea Dickson, president of ENT Biotech Solutions. “He is exposed to high achieving business executives.”

Though he planned to eventually return, Park credits the TechTown-based program for bringing him back to Michigan.

“I can be a part of Detroit and Michigan’s revitalization,” Park said. “TechTown and ENT Biotech Solutions have helped me to gain practical experience and knowledge in a growing industry in Michigan other than the auto industry.”

Park said that the fellowship has given him the opportunity to develop skills in the medical device industry, which is growing in Michigan.

Park’s career spans nearly two decades. An engineer, Park received his bachelor of science in manufacturing engineering in 1993 from Kettering University. Park is a graduate of the five year General Motors Institute program known as Kettering Institute. Upon graduating from Kettering, Park went on to work for General Motors, which included a stint in China where he helped to launch operations in the country.

“Working at ENT Biotech Solutions under the tutelage of CEO and former Wayne State University VP Andrea Dickson, I have learned a great deal about entrepreneurship, business development and management skills that go beyond the MBA coursework,” Park said. “The fellowship is the platform from which I will launch a new career and maybe one day my own business.”

“I hope Jae Park found this experience beneficial. He was an ideal fellow,” Dickson said.

Park’s fellowship was extended until the end of January. He will be working as a temporary contract employee with the company until April.

“Thank you to the family that funded this fellowship. It made a difference to this startup company,” Dickson said. “Although his background is impressive, it is not even as impressive as the actual work he produces.”