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Master of Science in Taxation (M.S.T.)

The interrelationships between tax policy, the nation's social goals, individual and corporate planning, and financial security are ever present in today's economic environment.

As tax laws become more complex, business becomes more competitive and the importance of financial and estate planning grows, the need for highly trained tax experts is obvious.


Interdisciplinary Taxation Focus

The Master of Science in Taxation (M.S.T.) program prepares students for entry into professional tax practice in both the public and private sectors.

Our program uses an interdisciplinary approach in which M.S.T. students learn the accounting, legal and public policy aspects of taxation. This helps students build a well-rounded knowledge base.

As students progress through the rigorous program toward the capstone course, they gain a solid foundation in the discipline.


Practical Curriculum

Accounting faculty members have expertise in auditing, international accounting, business law and ethics, taxation and other areas.

They share their experiences as business professionals to provide real-world context to the curriculum.

We are committed to helping you gain the knowledge and skills necessary to advance your career.


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