Wayne State University

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Requirements for Management Major

Those pursuing bachelor’s degrees must complete the university’s general education program.

Undergraduate business students also must complete the required business foundation and core courses.

All students admitted effective Fall 2009 and forward are required to have a minimum 2.50 grade point average to enroll in 3000 level or higher business school core and major courses.

In addition to all the above requirements, management majors must complete the following courses.

Each course is three credit hours unless noted otherwise. Students are responsible for observing all prerequisites and limitations.  Details are available by clicking each course link.

All management majors must take the following three core management courses:

MGT 5530  Advanced Organizational Behavior
MGT 5700  Human Resource Management
MGT 6995  Seminar in Management


Three courses from the following list. 

MGT 5510  Advanced Organizational Theory
MGT 5650  The Entrepreneur and Venture Creation
MGT 5740  Collective Bargaining
MGT 5770  Advanced Human Resource Management
MGT 5900  Project Management
GSC 5620  Global Supply Chain Management
GSC 5650  Strategic Procurement
GSC 5690  Principles of Quality Management
ISM 5200  ERP Systems: Concepts and Planning
MKT 5700  Retail Management

Students can tailor their program to their interests by choosing electives within specific subject areas like:

  • Human Resource Management and Labor Relations
    (core MGT 5700, plus MGT 5740 and MGT 5770)
  • Global Supply Chain Management
    (GSC 5620, GSC 5650 and GSC 5690)