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Requirements for the Graduate Certificate in Business

Candidates for the certificate must successfully complete six courses, totaling 13 credit hours.

Courses fall into three categories:

  • Four required courses, totaling eight credits
  • One elective foundation course, totaling two credits
  • One functional elective course, totaling three credits
Contact an advisor to develop your personal plan of work for completing the certificate.

Required Courses

The following four courses are required:

BA 6000: Introduction to Accounting and Financial Planning (2 cr.)

BA 6005: Basics of Financial Management (2 cr.)

BA 6015: Marketing Foundations (2 cr.)

BA 6020: Contemporary Principles of Management (2 cr.)

Foundation Elective Course

One of the following courses is required:

BA 6010: Basics of Business Economics (2 cr.)

BA 6025: Basics of Production / Operations Management (2 cr.)

BA 6090: Quantitative Analysis: Theory and Application (2 cr.)

Functional Elective Course

One of the following courses is required:

BA 7000: Managerial Accounting [prerequisite: BA 6000] (3 cr.)

BA 7020: Corporate Financial Management [prerequisite: BA 6005] (3 cr.)

BA 7040: Managing Organizational Behavior [prerequisite: BA 6020] (3 cr.)

BA 7050: Marketing Strategy [prerequisite: BA 6015] (3 cr.)

BA 7070: Social Perspectives on the Business Enterprise (3 cr.)

ISM 7505: Information Analytics: Inbound Information Technology (3 cr.)