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Your strengths and interests help propel your career. And improving on your weaknesses can mean the difference between flourishing and stalling.

But if you don’t know what makes you tick and how others perceive you, it’s hard to get ahead.

We'll help you discover what your areas of interest are and how they might relate to your career decisions.


Our office can help you truly know yourself and then use that information to drive career decisions.

Together, we can take advantage of powerful assessment tools to help define and refine your career interests and abilities.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Workshop

The MBTI assessment provides a comprehensive overview of you.

This workshop offers insight into what role your personality may play in choosing a major or a career, along with how your personality fits into various careers and industries.

This information can be an asset right now and as your career progresses.

Certified MBTI instructors from our office teach the workshops.

Call (313) 577-4781 or e-mail us to schedule a one-on-one session, or look for group workshops offered throughout the year.


Can't make it in to our office right now?  No problem.

The below online assessment tool can help you get a grasp on your interests, which you can use to guide your career path to suit your needs and abilities.

Skill assessment can be a profound first step towards defining or reshaping your career path.

Career Liftoff Interest Inventory

This 240-question online tool assesses your areas of interest and provides you with a detailed career interests profile. Your password is bizstudent.

Our office is available to discuss your results.  Please call (313) 577-4781 or e-mail us to set up a career advising appointment today.

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