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Welcome to the Finance Department!

Finance is one of the most fascinating disciplines you will ever encounter. It is at the heart of any business enterprise. It is indisputable that finance is also an integral part of our lives. It is woven intimately within the very fabric of our society. We hear about it in the media and our quality of life depends on it. So what is finance?

At the very basic level, finance involves making value-creating decisions. It provides us a framework to value assets of all kinds. Finance also helps us make investment and financing decisions for corporations with the goal to maximize shareholder wealth. Finance helps us understand how capital markets operate and how stocks, bonds, futures, and options are priced. It gives us the tools to make prudent personal finance decisions, for example, saving for retirement, buying a house, leasing or buying a car, investing in the stock market, etc. By now you can easily see why finance as a discipline is at the heart of business and society.

Finance is also the most lucrative of all business careers. There are several different career options for a finance major, for example, financial manager, investment banker, mergers and acquisitions specialist, financial consultant, stock trader, stock broker, equity analyst, portfolio manager, CFO, CEO etc. I invite you to major in finance and benefit from our excellent, world-renowned, finance faculty.

Best wishes,

Dr. Sudip Datta
T. Norris Hitchman Endowed Chair
Chair, Department of Finance
Professor of Finance

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