Signature awards

Each year, the Mike Ilitch School of Business presents signature awards to Michigan business leaders, alumni and faculty at our Recognition and Awards Program. 

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Michigan Executive of the Year

The Michigan Executive of the Year Award recognizes an individual in a senior leadership position at a business, government or non-profit organization that is based or has a substantial presence in the state of Michigan. The primary criteria for selection of this award are recent or ongoing actions by the honoree and/or his or her organization that are likely to reflect positively on the state of Michigan and the disciplines researched and taught within the Mike Ilitch School of Business. 

Nancy Schlichting
Henry Ford Health System

Florine Mark
The WW Group, Inc
Richard E. Dauch
American Axle and Manufacturing
Andra M. Rush
The Rush Group Family of Companies
George G. Johnson
George Johnson & Company
Peter Schweitzer
J. Walter Thompson Company
Susan T. Mosey
Midtown Detroit, Inc.

David A. Brandon
Domino's Pizza

Matty and Nora Moroun and Family
CenTra, Inc
Robert G. Riney
Henry Ford Health System
Jay Alix
AlixPartners Holdings, Inc.
Michael and Marian Ilitch and Family
Ilitch Holdings, Inc.
James B. Nicholson
PVS Chemicals, Inc.
Peter Karmanos, Jr.
Compuware Corporation

Distinguished Alumni Award

The Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes alumni of the Mike Ilitch School of Business whose exceptional achievements over a career in business, education or public service have brought honor and distinction to his or her alma mater.

2016   Mark Davidoff 2003   James H. Vandenberghe 1990   Dennis O. Green
2015   Thomas S. Wilson 2002   Susan J. Unger 1989   Charles A. Forbes
2014   M. Kathleen Donald 2001   Osman R. Minkara 1988   Verna S. Green
2013   David E. Meador 2000   T. Norris and Vivilore Hitchman 1987   Thomas E. O'Hara
2012   Wesley Pandoff 1999   Bernard D. Moray 1986   Mark W. Mehall
2011   Matthew J. Simoncini 1998   Stephen Strome 1985   Marie Farrell Donaldson
2010   Mark Bertolini 1997   John Utley 1984   Paul W. Czamanske
2009   Anthony P. Frabotta 1996   John E. Demmer 1983   Eugene M. Tomlinson
2008   David J. Breen 1995   Alexander Serafyn, Ph.D. 1982   Ronald Stone
2007   Therese Boldt 1994   Austin A. Kanter 1981   Robert W. Hague
2006   Paul A. Glantz and Sandra Pierce 1993   Lawrence Rieger  
2005   Terry Cross 1992   Neal Zalenko  
2004   The Honorable Jack Martin 1991   David Stulberg  

Emerging Leader Award

The Emerging Leader Award recognizes a more recent graduate of the Mike Ilitch School of Business who has already distinguished themselves as a "rising star" in their industry or community and who shows even greater promise for the future.

2016   Krystina Borrocci 2014   Kevin Jappaya
2015   Antonio Lück 2013   Kirk King

Inspirational Teacher Award

This award provides our proud WSU business school alumni with the opportunity to submit stories about professors who truly inspired them, encouraged them, broadened their horizons or made a lasting positive impact on their lives. Nominees must be living current or former members of the WSU Mike Ilitch School of Business faculty (full time or part time).

2016   Jeff Stoltman 2015   John Taylor